Monthly Archives: April 2016

My Sister’s Smile

We were in the car, I was driving, when I noticed the spider sailing toward your daughter as she was strapped in her car seat. 

Without a second thought,
you reached over and grabbed the spider in the palm of your hand,
smiled at her, 
and kept talking. 
You didn’t even hesitate- 
despite your fear of them.

Now I see you, 
I know that it’s only been a few years since that car ride. Hadley cannot see
and still does not know the dangers she faces. 

You do though. 

I see the smile you wear for her,
after her second brain surgery,
and I know that if you could,
you would reach out and grab 
that which tries to harm her. 

Your smile, Fiona, 
is imprinted on my heart. 

It’s a smile that tells Hadley she’s safe from the spider,
she will heal from the tumors
and that you will protect her
from all that that she has to face.