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Winter Sky

When it becomes cold
and the leaves fall from the trees
and the grass fades from vibrant shades of green
to dusty brown
you should look to the sky.

Every morning
the colors that were once found in gardens
can be found just above the clouds.
The pink stolen from peonies
the blue from bluebells and the between shades,
once hidden in the petals of orchids,
now hidden by rays of sunshine.

And if you miss that,
the stretch tight sheet
of blue sky at midday
could remind you of the water
that tumbled through
that creek that’s now
a dry bed of stones.

And then there are the sunsets.
Those sunsets
draw light right from the memory of summer
and spread it across the sky-
a reminder just for you
to feel the warmth and know that
you will not be cold forever.