Monthly Archives: March 2021


Today we discovered the daffodils
you and our daughter planted last fall
have come shooting up through the soil.
They are not flowers yet, for now,
they are just pointed leaves
aimed right at the wide blue sky.

There is something so beautiful
and sad
about the resilience of these plants
after the winter we had.
I want to look at them and find hope
in the rebirth of the earth-
everything coming back to life.
But I don’t.

All I see is the distance between the ground and the sky
and suddenly I feel the spin of the earth-
so fast and typically imperceptible
and I am sure we are flying.

And then I look at my feet,
held firmly to the earth,
and there they are again-
the sprouting flowers and you.
Always you
to remind me that we are here
on this earth together
and good things will grow
where we stand.