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Fairytale Walk

We went for a walk
on that misty cold morning
and because the cloud had come down
and settled around us
you said it looked like a fairy tale.
It was true-
I looked out at the world and the magic
I had seen so clearly just moments before
had something sinister just at the edges.
It was like you and I were
suddenly standing on those pages.
So I grabbed your small hand,
held it in mine,
as if that could anchor us to reality-
and we stepped forward together.

I looked at the way
the snow melted in the grass
and the mist was burned off
by the anemic winter sun-
I swear I heard the howl of a wolf
in the distance
and felt the fire from the dragon
just around the corner.
You let go of me
to drop more breadcrumbs
but it was too late-
we were already lost.