Monthly Archives: May 2019

I want to know

I want to know
whose voice it is you seek
in the middle of the night
when terror wakes you from sleep-
is it mine or another poet
whispering in your ear?
And who is it you walk toward
when no one seems safe?

This world can feel
broken and brutal
and when we are not distracted
by the light of day
we settle into a restless anger
and a hopeless rage
and need somewhere to put that
so we may sleep.

So darling, turn to me,
and allow me this moment
to compare this world
to our own bodies-
while it is brutal and broken
it is also filled with beauty
the kind that makes you turn your head.

So, my love, let me whisper this comfort
that we have been here before,
and all our rage
is but a day’s worth of sunshine
and that sunshine
could be used
for something so much better,
like to light up this night
so you will not feel
so very alone.