Monthly Archives: November 2021


Remember when you stood
and looked out at the world
and felt it was yours for the taking
if only you could reach out and grab it?

Then somewhere you sat
and had your head filled
with ideas
that crowded out the possibilities.

Suddenly you are standing at the edge of the world
and looking back at the person you were
and the person you have become
and you realize that the world would have fit in your arms
if you had not stopped stretching for it.

But now it is his and hers
and that as they stand next to you
and stretching
and grabbing
it is not for you to tell them to stop
or be careful
or take time.

It is then that you lean over
and whisper a prayer in his ear
and then hers
and watch how that helps them reach
the stars you were afraid would set you on fire.