Monthly Archives: September 2018

Daytime Streetlight

The street light has been on all day-
despite the sunshine and clear skies.
I’m watching it,
the way it looks so out of place.
The trees are swaying in the slight breeze
and there,
in front of them
is this streetlight that should be off.

September is like that for me-
it has been for four years.

I look around and want to see
the way the seasons
are slipping from summer to fall
and suddenly I become distracted.

The call of the cicadas
is just as loud as it was
the year we lost you.
The yellow flowers are blooming again,
just like they did when you died.

It is your absence- I am distracted by.
I notice the transition of seasons and,
like this streetlight that is on,
something that can light up the night
but is fruitless during the day,
it all seems wrong.

Time should not be passing without you.
Seasons should not be changing.
You should not still be gone.