Mythology of a Dead Woman

“It’s simple,” she said,
“If you are ever given a wish, you must wish for happiness.
You should not waste your wish on money or love,
because those things might not make you happy.”

My mother’s advice was like that-
practical if you happened to find a genie or a leprechaun.

I do not know how to make brown bread that tastes like hers
or sew the button back on the coat she left me.

But, when the moment comes, I will know what to wish for.

8 responses to “Mythology of a Dead Woman

  1. you’re fantastic!

  2. I’m not sure where you have this poem in your house, but I know I’ve read it multiple times. When I started to read it just now, I thought, Is she posting other poets’ works along with her own? Then it hit me that your writing is in my head the same way published poets’ writing is in my head, which I found kinda cool. For example, sometimes in the fall, snatches of “The Light This Year” will pop into my mind. You’re legit.

  3. Hey Aishling,

    I’m enjoying reading your stuff. This one was very sweet – put a smile on my face at the end, unexpectedly. Nice!

    Keep ’em coming!

  4. This one is my favorite!

  5. I always wish “to be happy” thinking that should cover it all. I wonder what happened that I should ever be sad, since those times still come… Then I think, I just need more wishes…

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