The Light This Year

The light this year has changed me.
Or perhaps it is the light that has changed around me.
I have never thought so much about sunsets and sunrises
as I have this year.
The light-
or the leaves-
this autumn left me with a memory of orange.
The air, too, smelled different, crisper, more brilliant,
but still orange.

And then there was you-
you were not orange but lovely.

I have felt you between my arms
breathing on my neck
more than any year prior.

I know that life cannot always be like this-
but when I look at you,
lit by orangey sunshine,
I say a prayer of thanks
for the light this year.

3 responses to “The Light This Year

  1. Beautiful, Aishling. Especially touching today for me as Rosh Hashanah approaches, and the very lovely fall comes to us.

  2. Aw. This is so beautiful. So sweet so precious. My eyes welled up as I read it aloud to Teri, who responded, “I’m sorry I’m not a poet and never wrote anything like that for you.” πŸ™‚

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