The Hold

The hold, he says just before a proclamation
from the wide expanse of his imagined world.
He means behold, and we try to tell him that
but are ignored.

I remember that time when
the world of pretend allowed for so much more
than the world of reality.

I remember too, losing the ability to slip beyond what is real,
what was just in front of me.

We were wrong, my love, to correct you.
You should always know the hold of innocence
in a world where we must always behold
everything that is real,
everything we fear.

7 responses to “The Hold

  1. A-this is moving into my top 3 faves of yours. Wonderful, magical.

  2. I think this is a winner, the first in the book! And who knew it would be based on the wisdom of a child?

  3. Thank you for your “like” of my poem Cobwebs. Hope you will come back again. You can also find me at

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