Thank you for writing. . .

My Dear Fellow Bloggers,

So I wanted to let you all know that I have really enjoyed how you have motivated me to continue writing. You motivate me through your thoughtful comments, your “likes” of my poems, your stopping by just to have a look and the things you write and allow me to see.

I have found a writing community here and it fuels my creativity. Your posts are honest, heartfelt and beautiful. I immensely enjoy reading other poets and photo blogs. I wanted to share with you all some of my favorites. I WISH I could include more people and posts here. You all are so amazing.

Dieu on the Grass was one of the first poets I started to follow. She takes incredible pictures and her poems are stunning. Her ability to hone in on emotional topics without getting cliché or sappy is what makes me love her work. I also LOVE the way she presents her work. She has this way of converting her poems to image files and I want to print them and stick them to my walls. If you know how she does this, let me know, because I want my site to look that good.

Speaking of appearances, I adore the work of Little House in America. The photos AND the poems are stunning. The simplicity of her subjects yields profound observations about her surroundings. I love how she matches her images to her writing. Really beautiful stuff.

Finally, I love to read the work on Overcoming My Inkwell. I can absolutely relate to him and his writing. He lets us know in his about page that he’s an English teacher (so am I) who is trying to write more (so and I) and embrace some of the things he teaches (so am I). He’s got a great voice and I love the way that he has to give assignments. It is so difficult to write when you are surrounded by writing, reading and analyzing all day long. He does, however, step out from assigning and writes some very insightful stuff.

Again, I’m sorry to not include all of you on this entry. Please know that I am out there and I am one of the many people who is reading what you put up. Thank you all for the inspiration.



5 responses to “Thank you for writing. . .

  1. Awww, I’m so flattered you like my writing. It means a lot. As for making my poems as images, I use a word program, in this case one called Pages to write text over photos I’ve taken. Often times I take a screen capture of the text and then put it through a filter. I hope that helps. It’s kind of a thing that has to be shown rather than explained 🙂

  2. Thanks, I’ll give that a try. Also, I meant what I said above – your writing is beautiful. I hope that this encourages others to read your work.

    • You are too kind! I think you have great skills for writing. Your poem “My Son’s Eyes” blew me away. Keep it up, for you will only get better.

  3. karenhansonpercy

    Thanks to you for your motivation and kind words. I love this community and will continue to use poets like you and the ones you mention for my daily inspiration!

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