Footprints on the Moon

Tonight, I told him about footprints on the moon,
and how- no matter how long ago they were left there,
they never disappear.

He said, “So they are there forever?”

And I could see,
in his little boy blue eyes,
the possibilities open up.
I saw within him the need to go, to explore
and to leave an indelible mark on the world
(or just outside the world).

And I felt a pull,
stronger than the pull the moon has over the ocean,
to ask him to stay.
I wanted to tell him that he has already left a mark,
a footprint,
and I will always be able to hold it up and say-
Here. You were right here.

One response to “Footprints on the Moon

  1. “Here. You were right here.

    That ending itself feels inevitable in the best possible way. Like it’s always been there and you found it.

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