Standing in the Ocean

We would spend all day in the water
feet planted in the sand
looking out toward infinity.
The waves would come toward us
and we would fall under them laughing.

We got better at standing
or moving with the water so,
by the end of the day,
we were part of the landscape.

Now, when I think of you
or those days
I feel off balance in the same way.
There was this infinity
(or at least possibility)
and now there is just this feeling
of being under water-
swaying slightly,
the taste of salt.

I’m waiting,
I want this to feel
more like the end of those days-
when we would go home
the voice of the ocean in our ears
the rocking of the waves in our bodies.

But the thing I long for most-
what we had then,
the thing that is lost is not the ocean,
it is each other.

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