When We Were One

You said that he is just like me
and all I could see
was the easy tendency toward rage
and the eyes.
You think so much alike-
everything is symbolic and connected to something else-
you do it with poetry
and he does it with math.
And right there before me
it was like a map was filled in-
one that placed us very much on the same plane.

I could almost feel it in my body
the way I felt connected to him
before he was born.
It is not something I have often felt
since we were separated.
No longer were we two separate entities coexisting-
we were one.

Suddenly, the distance between us
was not so much like the earth and the sun
but it was more like the stars and the sky.
We are part of the same fabric
and though we exist in different places-
we were one.

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