Sons and Brothers

The other day, I asked you
that if you had known
that madness
would eventually envelop one of your children
would you have taken the chance and had any of us?

It is a question I do not actually want you to answer-
in fact, you may have already answered
by bringing the four of us into the world.

I suppose I look at the question
and I see myself with my own son.
I knew, and continue to know,
that there is a possibility he will disappear from me
into the world of delusions that swallowed my brother.
My fear of this world
does not make it any less likely to appear.

That is when you said that it was like winter.
We know every year that it is coming,
the slow freeze that mutes the world of color,
but it doesn’t mean that the rest of the year is not worth having.

I know you’re right.
I would never give up the other seasons with my son
just to keep him from the long, cold winter.

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