Believing in Forever

It was like that with us
when we thought honey was endless
and then found out that each ounce of honey
takes the work of nearly four thousand bees-
and that those bees
are becoming extinct
before the sweetness
could even fade from our memory.

And it was also like this
when we thought of our days
as though each one was expected
one after the other
an endless series of repeated events-
too mundane to comment on
and too beautiful to let pass without stopping.

Finally, it was like this with our children
who we thought would be young
for the rest of their lives
and learned
too late
that they do not even stay young
for the rest of our lives.

So, while you have it,
taste the honey
on this beautiful day
that will come to an end.
Do it now with the children
before they are grown and gone
and you are left to wonder
why you wasted
so much time
believing in forever.

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